Synesis Net Works is a provider of sophisticated Internet-based information delivery services. Our clients enjoy a world-wide presence which takes full advantage of the potential of the Internet for global, cost-effective, interactive and mixed media communication. We employ the latest techniques and technology to maximize the impact your site will have on your bottom line.

WWW Site Options and Pricing Structure

For more information on a Synesis account, send e-mail to . We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Note: All prices are in Canadaian currency (US$1=Cn$1.33)

Title and Description Basic Service  Premium Service 
Startup   $25   $37.50
Monthly   $25   $37.50
  Web Site  
Note: Price does not include domain registrar fees (e.g. Approximately US$35 to Network Solutions Inc.)
URL of your web site and
Add'l domain Startup $10.00 $10.00
Add'l domain Monthly $5 $5
DNS-only hosting

$5 per month per DNS domain (primary or secondary) hosted on Synesis servers. DNS is included in the cost of other hosting services, e.g. if your web site is hosted at Synesis, you don't pay extra for DNS.

  E-mail (POP3 or IMAP4 Accounts)
# of e-mail addresses 5 (add'l @ $5/mo) 10 (add'l @ $5/mo)
Format of e-mail address 
(username unique at Synesis) 
(username unique at Synesis)
Virtual addresses 
(delivered to username)
Unlimited ( Unlimited (
Spam filtering Activated upon request Activated upon request
Virus scanningEvery inbound and outbound e-mail is scanned for viruses
E-mail only accounts $5 per month per account for e-mail only service, e.g. you host your own web site.
Storage space included 250MB 1,000MB
Bandwidth included per month ($5/GB if over) 2GB 5GB
PHP Scripts 
(development not included)
Yes Yes
Relational Database (MySQL) 
(professional DBA services not included)
No Yes
CGI Scripts 
(development not included)
Synesis standard only Any
Virtual web server Yes Yes
Secure (SSL) server No Yes (cost of certificate extra - e.g. Verisign fee)
Virtual FTP server No Yes
Web statistics Yes Yes
Password restricted site areas No Yes
X.509 Certificate restricted site areas No Yes
(mailing lists)
No 1000 deliveries/month included 
(add'l @ $0.01 ea. 
e.g. 1 e-mail to 100 subscribers = $1.00)
E-commerce application development Pricing on request
  • Business/Personal use 
  • Generous bandwidth allocation 
  • Support for IMAP e-mail as well as POP 
  • Unlimited "vanity" (virtual) e-mail addresses 
  • Virus scanning and spam filtering 
  • PHP for dynamic web pages 
  • Suite of standard CGI scripts 
  • FTP server 
  • Get cheap dial-up or high-speed services from ISPs who specialize in it 
  • Change your ISP without changing web site, e-mail, etc. 
  • Graphical web traffic statistics
As for Basic, plus 
  • Secure (SSL) Server 
  • SQL Database Server 
  • 1,000MB of space 
  • Even more bandwidth 
  • 10 e-mail Accounts 
  • List-serv 
  • PHP and CGI development services available 
  • Any CGI scripts 
  • Password restrict areas of your web site 
  • Restrict areas of your site by X.509 certificate 
Our consulting services include the creation of sophisticated, dynamic, database driven Web sites, including Electronic Commerce facilities (such as custom "shopping cart" applications) and integration with your own Information Systems (e.g. Order Entry/Order Processing). Please contact us for further information.