Directly below, are just a few of the meriads of search engines, on the Web, that we at Synesis use on a daily basis. They help us out great-deal in our efforts to find new resources on the World Wide Web... we hope you will find them as useful!


ALTA VISTA- a division of Digital Equipment Corporation... This search engine is very powerful and definitely the perfect tool for resoucing on the Web!


CNET CENTRAL SHAREWARE.COM- a super place to find all the latest shareware and goodies with a very simple interface.


DO YOU YAHOO?- an oldie but a goodie, slightly trendy and a bit too much advertising, but full of useful information and cool stuff! Well organized by topic and catagory. Check out the logo shop while you are in there, lots of fun ways to spend those on-line dollars!


WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ?- WhoWhere could be reffered to as the Yellow Pages of the Internet and more! This is the coolest place to resource companies, business contacts or just look up that long-lost friend you haven't seen or talked to in years.


LYCOS- another search engine that has an easier multi-word search capability, every once in a while we turn to it for resourcing.